Top 20 Storage Solution Companies - 2015

F rom time immemorial, changes and developments were accomplished only through innovation. In the current technological landscape, the inrush of data and its complexities are caused due to surging increase in the usage of cloud solutions, IoT and mobile apps. These trends serve as major proponents of change that steer companies towards successful and intelligent storage and management of data. Right from the redundant legacy systems to much advanced storage platforms, many small, medium and large businesses, corporate bodies, and end-users have witnessed a tremendous reduction of cost of data storage and management and software-ownership. Be it offering a high capacity multi-platform support, or security, or app integration or hard disks, tape drives and virtual storage products and software, the list of some of the best storage providers in the market place goes on and on. However, many CIOs find it extremely challenging to navigate into the convoluted and fragmented storage industry when looking for service providers to aid them with consulting, implementation, and support.

 In this edition of CIO Review, we bring to you “The 20 Most Promising Storage Solutions Providers 2015,” featuring the best solution and service providers offering products, tools and services on the storage ecosystem. The companies listed here showcase extensive business knowledge, innovative products and strategies combined with talent base across locations.

 A distinguished panel comprising of CEOs, CIOs, CMOs, VCs, analysts and CIO Review editorial board has selected the top players from over three hundred companies. The listing provides a look into how these solutions work in the real world, so that you can gain a comprehensive understanding of what technologies are available, which are right for you, and how they shape up against the competition.

    Top Storage Solution Providers

  • 1

    Cleversafe is the market share leader in web-scale storage, proven at the world’s largest data repositories, delivering security and availability at 80 percent lower cost

  • 2

    Data Deposit Box offers cloud backup solutions for SMBs looking to protect their digital assets at low cost

  • 3

    Helping unlock the value of data by delivering systems with the highest performance, scalability, efficiency and simplicity

  • 4

    Provides software and hardware solutions for storing, sharing, protecting, and managing data.

  • 5

    A provider of a wide range of enterprise storage solutions.

  • 6

    ISG Technologies offers customized solutions delivered across its system of data centers, and a comprehensive portfolio of IT infrastructure, bandwidth, and ITaaS service offerings.

  • 7

    Nephos Technologies is an independent Cloud Services Broker; providing consultancy, management and technology services to organizations seeking to develop, implement and optimize their cloud strategy.

  • 8

    Nexenta Systems, is a multinational producer of software-defined storage solutions for data storage and backup.

  • 9

    Provides scalable and cost-effective datacenter backup or restore solutions for protecting data residing on both sides of the cloud.

  • 10

    OCZ provides high performance client and enterprise solid-state storage products

  • 11

    Panzura provides faster and secure cloud storage in compared to local tier 1 storage

  • 12

    Pixit Media provides highly scalable, efficient and enterprise-class storage, network and archive solutions

  • 13

    RackTop Systems is a Platform Defined Storage company that develops context aware smart information systems which span both on premises and the cloud

  • 14

    RedHat provides storage solutions for different types of data for virtual, physical and cloud domains.

  • 15

    A provider of best-in-breed storage hardware solutions

  • 16

    VeriStor specializes in enterprise data storage, virtual infrastructure, public, private and hybrid cloud services, migration, and technology financing.

  • 17

    Virtual Instruments delivers unparalleled value to customers through a combination of innovative technology and high-value services

  • 18

    A company that specializes in designing and implementing data center and cloud solutions for clients.

  • 19



    CacheBox provides software solutions to dramatically increase application performance by optimizing data I/O throughput.

  • 20

    Nimble Storage Inc.

    Nimble Storage Inc.

    A provider of specialized storage solutions specializing in enterprise data storage.