Kanguru Solutions: A Multi-Layered Security Approach to Personal Digital Asset Management

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Nate Cote, Executive Vice President
Amid the ongoing digital boom leading to the proliferation of digital and online assets, consumers and organizations alike find it daunting to secure their sensitive data, be it related to investments, bank accounts, healthcare, or corporate information. Many users either record the data manually or use a cloud-hosted storage platform. Both methods, however, could expose them to significant security risks. As Nate Cote, EVP of Kanguru Solutions puts it, “In the age of growing data breaches, users entrusting their online passwords and storage assets containing sensitive, personal information to unsecured methods are taking a huge gamble.” Massachusetts-based Kanguru Solutions brings to bear its rich experience of more than 25 years in building secure USB storage devices to fortify today’s personal and corporate digital assets. With multiple layers of protection for USB storage devices enabled with robust AES 256-bit hardware encryption, Kanguru has launched a pioneering, military-grade solution to help individuals and organizations securely and easily manage their digital life.

Leveraging Kanguru’s flagship Defender® Series of hardware encrypted USB flash drives, the company has most recently launched a unique, GUI-based application called the Kanguru Defender LifePlanner®, a USB encrypted flash drive to help individuals secure, organize, and manage all of their personal account access information, sensitive files, passwords and more all in one convenient, secure location. This new Kanguru line of products provides a military-grade platform by which users can manage anything from insurance, banking, credit cards, contacts, loans, mortgages, taxes, and healthcare information, to retirement, wills, trusts, and much more.

By authenticating to the drive either with a password or with a fingerprint, the individual can import, add, and organize all of their personal information like banking, retirement accounts, or tax returns, for instance. Additionally, the company offers three years of onboard antivirus with a real-time scanner feature, and a secure, onboard browser integrated into the device for enhanced security.

This revolutionary new patent-pending product set incorporates the best of both worlds; built upon Kanguru’s award-winning, best-in-class, Defender® line of which a variety of models have achieved high-level FIPS 140-2, Level 3 and Common Criteria Certification, and combines an intuitive, easy to manage software console contained within the device.

This is a game-changer for people trying to securely manage their financial and personal online data–or to assist with aging family member estate planning. It allows for a seamless transfer of information in the event of illness or life event

The underlying technology has been trusted by security-conscious organizations around the world to secure highly-sensitive information. “This is a game-changer for people trying to securely manage their financial and personal online data–or to assist with aging family member estate planning. It allows for a seamless transfer of information in the event of illness or life event.”

The Defender® Series of USB storage devices also helps organizations simplify data security by providing the Kanguru Remote Management Console™ (KRMC™), allowing IT Managers and Security Administrators to define security policies and control how USB devices should interact remotely or locally. “If a device is lost or stolen, the Administrator can take immediate action by wiping the data remotely or locking the device using the remote management console,” explains Cote.
Kanguru’s unique value proposition takes it to the next level as a U.S-based manufacturer of secure USB devices, by providing customized features for government and large organizations. “We offer a high degree of customization options such as serialization, engraving, and virus-free certification based on a client’s specific needs,” says Cote.

With over two decades of existence in the market, Kanguru has partnered with highly innovative companies, including Bitdefender, Rackspace, and Citrix. Though Kanguru typically focuses on government agencies and corporations, Kanguru’s newest product set, the Defender Life Planner, provides attainable, world-class data security for small businesses and individuals everywhere.

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Millis, MA

Nate Cote, Executive Vice President

Kanguru is known for providing secure hardware encrypted USB solutions, portable data storage, fully-integrated secure remote management, duplication equipment and more to organizations and businesses around the world. The company's range of products includes encrypted flash drives, hard drives and solid state drives, remote management, duplicators, external drives, DVD/Blu-ray burners, AV/SSPM and accessories. The company caters to clients from different sectors including government, military, enterprise, corporations, healthcare, energy, utilities, and financial institutions. Kanguru aims at helping everyone globally who wish to have good security policies

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