Rasilient: Optimized Storage for No-Frame-Drop Video Surveillance

Sean Chang, CEO
When it comes to video surveillance, the quality of the video is something that has lost the due significance that it deserves. As acceptable as it could have been 30 years back, during the era of CCTV camera-based video surveillance, the same wouldn’t fit the bill today. With the ever-increasing demands of organizations that have made analog video systems obsolete, replacing it with IP-based networking paradigms, the need to capture higher quality of video has regained its importance. However, even with digital technology at its most advanced stages of maturity, accounting for quality and catering to the subsequent storage requirements have been barriers to maintaining security standards. Founded in 2001, Rasilient is a company that provides a ‘No Frame Drop’ solution optimizing video surveillance storage. “Typical IT data storage is not ideally suited for video surveillance. Our servers and storage are architected with the sole purpose of capturing video providing a high-performance, efficient surveillance solution,” says Sean Chang, CEO of Rasilient.

The primary problem is that video is only recorded and not monitored 24X7 which leads to security mishaps. The amount of time and cost required to store data captured from cameras that function round the clock is another challenge that organizations face. In a mission-critical scenario, it is imperative that there are no video gaps, and in order to ensure that video streaming is buffer-free without losing important data, enterprises need a forensic-grade technology that guarantees a foolproof and secure network and enhances their level of security. Rasilient has spent years developing patented technologies designed to deliver the most comprehensive and robust video surveillance solutions. One of the most important features of Rasilient’s solutions is a commitment to achieving No Frame Drop (NFD) which eliminates recording gaps and protects mission critical video.

In case of any system failures, the inbuilt “self-healing technology” works efficiently to avoid any data loss and prevent downtime.

We optimize the server and storage to capture the complete video

With surveillance being its only focus, catering to a vast site with abundant cameras is a specialty of this solution. The Rasilient team ensures that their client’s requirements are given high priority, and they begin with studying the location of the organization to get an accurate estimate of the number of cameras, identify the selected video management software, and then provide the entire solution including the storage, viewing station, recording servers, and analytics servers. The cost-effective nature of this technology helps businesses save on operations and capital investment, making it a popular solution provider. Pre-configured systems and best-in-class hard drives assure a reliable and smooth operating network.

As the company continues to meet the demands of surveillance technology, it has come a long way from where it initially began. Making renowned transformations in surveillance from the Burj Khalifa to the Louvre Abu Dhabi and the Fairbanks International Airport in Alaska to the Azusa Pacific University, the company has reserved a sweet spot for its NFD-centric solution in the market. In one such instance, a client that previously had recording gap issues due to an outdated surveillance provider approached Rasilient.

Worthy achievers of the Government Security Award and New Product of the Year, the company aims to include AI analytics and casino-scamming detection capabilities into their product portfolio. Airport, seaport, and hospital surveillance are the next target fields they wish to explore. By helping businesses overcome traditional surveillance methods and the hassles of browsing through videos several times, Rasilient has set a benchmark for its competitors in the market.


Santa Clara, CA

Sean Chang, CEO

Provides video surveillance storage solution with NFD-centric technology