Infortrend Technology: High-performance Networked Storage Solutions

Infortrend Technology: High-performance Networked Storage SolutionsTony Chu, President
Often termed as the ‘Netflix for Documentaries’, CuriosityStream did take the media industry by storm. In 2015, John S. Hendricks, the founder and former chairman of Discovery Communications, which owns the Discovery Channel, launched CuriosityStream, a subscription video on demand (SVOD) platform that provides affordable and engaging features, series, and documentaries about science, history, health, human interest, and more. Ray German, the Server Manager of CuriosityStream says, “Since we were able to integrate the solution ourselves with the Apple Xsan system, we easily saved 50,000 to 100,000 dollars. With one device, we were able to quadruple our storage and performance.”

When it comes to logistics operations, can a warehouse system function without a reliable supply of data storage? “Not at all,” says Tony Chu, the President of Infortrend Corporation.

Infortrend helped ALOG Technology/Alibaba resolve 40 million daily orders during China’s ENORMOUS shopping festival. Infortrend built a private cloud service platform to be operated by ALOG which chose Infortrend’s SAN/EonStor DS 3016R using 8 SAS SSDs, 8 SAS HDDs over one million IOPS (all cache hit), with 450K IOPS and 6,500 MB/s throughput in testing environments. ALOG Technology is the core warehouse management service provider of Tmall Supermarkets under China’s Alibaba Group. Established in 2004, ALOG Technology Co., Ltd. operates one of the largest automated intelligent warehouse logistics centers in China. The management warehouse area exceeds 1.8 million m² with a daily peak order processing capacity of up to 40 million pieces. “By adopting Infortrend’s storage products to build an intelligent logistics warehouse platform, we provide high-quality core warehouse management services for Alibaba’s Tmall Supermarket,” states Xiong-Hui Ye, Operation Manager of Information Department, ALOG Technology Co., Ltd.

Such testimonials are a substantial proof to the prowess that Infortrend has developed in delivering high-performance storage solutions focusing on quality, reliability, choice, and value.

Cost is a huge pain point with data storage

CIOs have not been able to find a solution that would vertically solve all their queries related to data management, integrity, and protection, that would also integrate seamlessly with technologies such as Big Data, IoT, High-Performance Computing (HPC), and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Infortrend works closely with customers to provide just-fit solutions in terms of the total cost of ownership and ROI

Infortrend works closely with customers to provide just-fit solutions to provide a better ROI. Like the all-new EonStor GSc, a hybrid cloud storage appliance designed to streamline enterprise cloud deployment; with exceptional cost performance and access by moving and managing data between local and cloud in a transparent manner. “Infortrend is delivering innovative storage solutions says,” Mr. Chu. “We are happy that this system can easily integrate with cloud storage gateway, because GSc offers differentiated features in cloud cache, cloud backup, and cloud tiering,” he adds. Infortrend has a great reputation for lowering total cost of ownership (TCO) for their customers which is a proud tradition the company has valued for 25 years.

New Partnership|Certifications |New Technology

Infortrend is proud to partner with Advanced Systems Group in Emeryville, California; now that the company’s EonStor DS 4024B was ranked No.1 for SPC-2 with a Price-Performance ratio of $6.80, they look forward to working with ASG in the Media and Entertainment sector. Infortrend’s Milestone Systems Certification of EonStor DS 1000 Gen2 & EonStor GSe Pro will open up endless possibilities in the IP Video Surveillance industry. ASG has provided engineering, systems integration, support, and training to the multimedia creative and corporate video markets since 1997.

Evolving with the Landscape

Along with increasing the marketing efforts with their partners; Infortrend looks forward to building new relationships in 2018. Technology is transforming businesses, and to understand the trends and make corresponding product plans is crucial. This is one of the prime reasons Infortrend is delivering innovative storage solutions in Big Data, HPC, AI, and Cloud with the introduction of all-flash and hyper-converged systems.

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