Data Dynamics: Resolving the Unstructured Data Puzzle

Data Dynamics: Resolving the Unstructured Data PuzzlePiyush Mehta, CEO
With the advent of AI, IoT, machine learning generated and user-generated information, the tech world is emphasizing on gleaning meaningful insights from unstructured data. Presently, a significant challenge facing most organizations is getting accurate asset realization of their data. Although the expertise in data analysis is immense these days, an extensive solution that caters to this unique niche is difficult to come by. This is where the NJ-based Data Dynamics comes to play with its wide range of turnkey automated data management solutions. “By leveraging our technological expertise, we are able to help large enterprises address the challenge of data management in a far more automated manner with a software platform that can scale to their requirements and conform to the ongoing evolution of technology,” says Piyush Mehta, CEO of Data Dynamics.

Data Dynamics came into being by acquiring IP from Brocade Communication around their flagship product StorageX, following which StorageX was given a complete facelift by morphing and segmenting it into various modules, each catering to specific business use cases. Acknowledging the challenges in the unstructured data space, which are growing at an unprecedented rate and no organization has proper grasp over the subject, StorageX is designed to mitigate all the roadblocks by leveraging its analytics, migration, archive as well as Microsoft DFS module. While the analytics module equips organizations with an understanding of the key characteristics of data type, size, ownership, access, and other information, the migration and archive modules allow seamless data transfer that assists organizations to adopt newer technologies, delve into the dark data arena and manage data off- and on-premise in a hybrid cloud environment. On the other hand, the Microsoft DFS module warrants Data Dynamics a native and industry-standard namespace and better manages it with automation. Furthermore, Data Dynamics carries out data analysis from a metadata perspective and based on that organizations can leverage an actionable policy to optimize data access across all verticals. All of it, in combination, allows enterprises to make smart and informed business decisions. The solutions suite of Data Dynamics is further corroborated by strategic partnerships with industry leaders, next-gen software vendors as well as cloud providers.

We are able to help large enterprises address the challenge of data management in a far more automated manner with a software platform that can scale to their requirements and conform to the ongoing evolution of technology

Due to its metadata-centric and vendor-agnostic approach, StorageX has been implemented by renowned organizations across the globe. Backed by an excellent track record of StorageX, Data Dynamics has penetrated multiple verticals including financials, healthcare, oil and gas, retail, entertainment, and more, wherein many of their implementations have translated into success stories for their customers. Mehta sheds light on one of them; he says “One of our clients struggled to understand the access and ownership details of their storage. After we implemented StorageX, we were able to identify 2400 users that no longer worked for the company but their storage data was still active”. Data Dynamics took the problem head-on and moved the dormant data to tertiary archive, following which the company achieved huge cost savings as well as drove compliance requirements with ease.

The core vision of Data Dynamics is deeply entwined in exceeding customer expectation. Aligning with this philosophy, the firm houses a talented team of engineers, sales professionals, support executives, et al. that can go the extra mile to assist the customers. Venturing ahead, the firm envisions strengthening its clientele as well as enhancing its workforce by hiring on-field sales professionals alongside R&D engineers. Besides aggressive geographical expansion plans, Data Dynamics also endeavors to device a solution that can bridge the gap between public and private environment or multiple public cloud setups in the forthcoming years.

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Piyush Mehta, CEO

Data Dynamics is a leader in intelligent file management solutions that empower enterprises to seamlessly analyze, move, manage and modernize critical data across hybrid, cloud and object-based storage infrastructures

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