Tectrade: Committed Toward Software-defined Storage

Alex Fagioli, CEO
Abraham Lincoln said, “In the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years.” One can draw a direct parallel from Honest Abe’s philosophical saying to the tidal wave of unstructured data proliferating across industries. It’s never about the quantity of data, what matters is the value it imparts to trigger success. There are several commodity (traditional) solutions to address storing this avalanche of data. “But ultimately these solutions are merely fueling the fire; the storage gets cheaper but the rate of data growth outstrips this saving,” notes Alex Fagioli, CEO of Tectrade. “Furthermore, all the data gets treated equally when it clearly shouldn’t.” Tectrade focuses on creating data platforms for clients through the delivery of a software-defined approach. “Our platform allows the customer to overcome storage challenges while ensuring they gain insight and ultimately, competitive advantage by harnessing value out of the data,” says Fagioli.

With rising budget constraints, the CEO firmly believes that the software-defined architecture is defining the future of the storage market. Tectrade’s Helix Storage services are based on IBM Spectrum Control which is a comprehensive storage management tool for virtualized, cloud, and software-defined storage. IBM Spectrum Control enables analytics-driven data and storage management on premise or from the cloud. “This empowers us to simplify and automate storage provisioning, capacity management, availability monitoring, and reporting for our customers,” says Fagioli.

Tectrade employs multiple ways of deploying the software-defined technology for storage virtualization. Depending on the customer’s requirement, the company either works with the clients to migrate to the new platform or implements a storage virtualization software layer that re-utilizes the client’s current infrastructure. Tectrade also adds the latest technological functions on top of it to further increase the return on investment. In addition, the company utilizes IBM’s Real- Time Compression technology to give clients compression on their production data without any performance impact. “In specific situations with high data compression, the storage performance can actually be improved,” states Fagioli.

Our platform allows the customer to overcome storage challenges while ensuring they gain insight and ultimately, competitive advantage by harnessing value out of the data

This can be achieved through the compression algorithms that write a consistent block size to the storage, allowing constant stream of data to be written to disk, rather than other compression technologies which have a variable output.

Given the rise in value of data and its impact being obtained from hackers to businesses and consumers trusting these businesses with their personal data, protecting the unauthorized access of information is now more imperative than ever. This is precisely why ‘encryption’ is a standard feature across the services which Tectrade brings into their portfolio. “Issues such as failed drives that are returned to the vendor do not create a data security risk,” assures Fagioli.

In one instance, the University of Dundee’s School of Life Sciences entrusted Tectrade with the responsibility to store their expanding volumes of data safe for the long durations required in scientific research. While ensuring data safety, Tectrade managed to make the data accessible to students over the course of their study, and to the global research community. Also, the company provided bespoke backup and storage solutions and undertook hardware and software upgrades.

Surging ahead, Tectrade is in the process of bringing new Big Data, Data Protection, cloud, and Hyper-Converged solutions and services to market. “The cloud has become a reality and every customer we have is at a different stage in their cloud journey,” says Fagioli. “We have the technologies and resources to ensure they successfully continue that journey ensuring cloud migrations go to plan and an eye toward the future remains forever open.”


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Alex Fagioli, CEO

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