Komprise: Deriving Value with Smart Data Management

Krishna Subramanian, President & COO
The massive explosion of data, over the past few years, has urged enterprises today to look for efficient solutions to store and manage data. Particularly, the increasing data sprawl is straining flat IT budgets where a large portion is already spent on storage and IT needs to fit in the new growth within existing constraints. Adjacently, the storage market is innovating in terms of performance, capacity, and implementing cloud storage solutions and so businesses now have more options to optimize their storage. As a data management software company, Komprise enables customers to optimize how they store their data across storage silos without any disruption to access for users and applications. “Our goal is to help customers manage their data the way they want to, not the way they are forced to,” asserts Krishna Subramanian, President and COO, Komprise.

The company’s data-aware management software provides complete visibility across the storage that the customer has, including the amount of data stored and used, the number of people using it, and the pace at which it is growing. The software then moves unused and inactive data, based on customer-defined objectives, to cloud or on-premise targets—private or public as per the client requirement. “We offer a full data management platform that analyzes, moves, protects and provides transparent access to data,” points out Krishna. If data gets used actively after it has been moved, the system brings it back to the primary storage. “We provide a truly transparent way to manage data across storage while leaving the hot data path untouched,” adds Krishna.

Krishna believes today’s storage market consists of two major categories— high-performance storage like flash and in-memory systems and capacity storage options like cloud storage and scale-out storage. “In such a scenario, customers would typically need to know if their data needs performance or capacity,” explains Krishna. But the problem is that data needs performance when it is young and is actively used; once it is no longer in active use, it needs capacity. Komprise helps in managing this “data storage lifecycle” transparently across storage.

We offer a full data management platform that understands, moves, protects and provides access to data

Serving various data-intensive industries, such as genomics, healthcare, financial services, retail, manufacturing, media, and government, the company’s solution helps clients to gain more understanding on their own data. Their cloud service eliminates all the complexities that are commonly associated with data management including high pricing and inconsistency. “Our product is easy-to-use and affordable, making it simple to adopt,” delineates Krishna. “We bring a reliable, distributed fault tolerant scale-out architecture to the problem of data management.”

For instance, a healthcare company relied mainly on their primary storage area for storing all their data, as research scientists did not want to lose access to their data. They looked out for a cost-efficient storage method as keeping information in the primary storage became expensive for them. Komprise helped them analyze their data and move 60 percent of their data which was inactive to cloud and object storage to deliver 70- 75 percent of cost savings. “Our product showed them that their current platform is unsustainable as it would soon run out of space,” asserts Krishna. Additionally, their scientists could access all the data at any time with no changes.

Going forward, Komprise envisions becoming the go-to expert for data management. “We want to be the simplest, most efficient, and affordable data management solution every time a customer has unstructured data and wants to manage it,” elucidates Krishna. In terms of geographic expansion, Komprise will continue to work with a number of partners around the globe to deliver its products. “We are a completely channel based model aiming to expand our product footprint geographically,” concludes Krishna.


Campbell, CA

Krishna Subramanian, President & COO

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