Cibecs: Complete Endpoint Data Backup and Protection

Richard Dewing, CEO
With the proliferation of BYOD trend in the corporate world, enterprises are experiencing an increased usage of personal devices for office work. Though it enables flexibility, employees using personal devices for business purposes are often exposed to several risk incidents, as there’s always a fear of losing the device, and the sensitive data stored in it. Corporate managers today are on the lookout for a solution that helps retrieve lost information, and block any third party from accessing data stored on endpoint devices. Designed for existing mobile and distributed business environments, Cibecs provides a complete solution for endpoint data protection and data loss prevention. “Backing up the data on endpoint devices like laptops and PCs regularly, is the key to successful recovery of files, which can effectively resolve all data loss problems,” says Richard Dewing, CEO, Cibecs. “Cibecs provides the simplest way to backup and recovery data on all endpoints–laptops and desktops.”

Cibecs’ data protection and security solution is a single suite that provides automated backup, recovery, archival, and powerful multi-layered protection against data theft to business files through its integrated automated endpoint encryption. “Our endpoint encryption ensures only approved users to access enterprise files, safeguarding the information from unauthorized access,” says Dewing. The solution not only ensures all the important data is encrypted on the device, it also allows for a complete remote wipe of the files. The solution also includes data theft prevention capabilities, which help users to effectively track the inactive device, and accordingly blocks all access to the data automatically. It also enables geolocation of the lost devices. However, out of these many features, Cibecs’ uniqueness lies in its ability to create operational efficiency, making it much easier, cheaper and faster to conduct hardware migration and hardware refreshing.

Our endpoint encryption ensures only approved users to access enterprise files, safeguarding the information from unauthorized access

“With the complete central control over backup policies, data loss prevention features, and intuitive business and technical reporting, we also ensure compliance to Corporate Governance and Data Protection regulations,” notes Dewing.

Easy to install and deploy across thousands of users, Cibecs has worked with both small and large organizations with thousands of users, delivering affordable and scalable pricing options with volume discounts. “Thousands of business users across the globe trust Cibecs for their critical business data protection and enterprise PC backup,” says Dewing. Cibecs customers include KPMG, Absa, Ingram Micro, Unisys, Dimension Data, and other prominent enterprises. Cibecs’ established network of partners, highly skilled and dedicated team help customers gain comprehensive and effective data backup and recovery support anywhere across the globe.

In 2016, Cibecs released Version 8, designed to improve usability, centralize data protection, and increase productivity for the endpoint data backup. The new Version 8 offers security and protection for vulnerable data stored in local cloud storage folders, with unlimited backup and encryption. “We at Cibecs will continue to constantly innovate and move our product forward, with the aim to provide the best-of-breed business data protection,” concludes Dewing.


Johannesburg, South Africa

Richard Dewing, CEO

Provider of a complete endpoint data backup and protection solution