Virtual Instruments: Bringing the Last Piece of the Puzzle for IT Application Infrastructures

CIO VendorJohn Gentry, Vice President of Marketing and Alliances
The only thing constant in the world of business is continuous evolution and this has been proven by the transformation of IT. Today, the prowess of IT is harnessed for a plethora of applications but its key significance lies in keeping the supporting application infrastructure robust and at optimum performance, 24X7.

However, IT application infrastructures have also become increasingly complex through abstraction layers, which raises the likelihood that ‘ghosts in the machine’ are now more frequently occurring and harder to find—and will have a more significant impact. This gap in the visibility of IT into the performance of the application infrastructure laid the foundation for Virtual Instruments (VI), which promises not just the highest levels of availability and utilization, but unprecedented levels of performance management against the existing infrastructure as well. Headquartered in San Jose, CA, the company is known for its proficiency in servicing the world’s most mission-critical workloads, whether it resides on physical, virtual or cloud computing infrastructure.

The path to prominence demands strenuous efforts and deep determination. VI has harnessed both these virtues in their course that has resulted in the development of VirtualWisdom, the industry’s leading infrastructure performance management (IPM) platform. VirtualWisdom can effortlessly capture, correlate, analyze, and present data with its highly accurate and comprehensive real-time interactive views. At the end, customers are bestowed with enhanced infrastructure performance, cost optimization, and elimination of unwanted reactive troubleshooting from the system. When it comes to the translation of complex information such as machine, wire, and analytical data into actionable information VirtualWisdom leverages intuitive and dynamic live reports that transform data into answers, showcasing them with¬in a simple and reliable interface.

Leading Global 2000 companies and government entities across the world trust VI and its products in delivering operational efficiency for the IT domain while simultaneously eliminating the risks associated with application performance degradation and downtime. VI recently announced that Nasdaq, a leading global stock exchange and MetLife, an eminent player in the Insurance sector, have both deployed the Virtual Wisdom IPM platform to help ensure the performance and availability of their IT infrastructures supporting
business-critical application workloads. Virtual Wisdom provides them the visibility they need to identify emergent issues, and pinpoint problems in real time.

The clientele of the company is comprised of a ‘who’s who’ list of Fortune 500 and Global 2000 firms that come from industries such as Insurance, Healthcare, Government, Finance, and Retail. As the need to stay out in front of emerging trends remains imperative for almost every firm, VI actively counsels with many noteworthy analysts to understand the industry’s perspective towards the direction of the market. VI has also formed strong alliances with the major vendors such as VMware, Cisco, EMC, HP, and Hitachi to deliver unparalleled infrastructure performance management solutions to the largest and most complex physical, virtual and software defined data centers (SDDC).

A further point of distinction that sets VI apart from the rest of the competition is their multi-vendor heterogeneous support. “For us, it doesn’t matter what kind of server, network or storage devices a customer has, or what generation they are. Our wire-data analyses lies at the FC protocol level and enables us to support any infrastructure a customer possesses,” explains John Gentry, VP of Marketing and Alliances at Virtual Instruments. “By working at the protocol level, VirtualWisdom provides our customers with definitive insights into the performance of their system-wide application infrastructures—driving optimal configurations, the highest levels of utilization and peak performance.”

To remain at the top, VI has steadfastly invested in developing an agile and collaborative culture where everyone feels empowered and accountable for meeting the company’s goals. All are focused on going above and beyond to ensure customer success, and following the ‘underpromise and over deliver’ motto.

By working at the protocol level, VirtualWisdom provides our customers with definitive insights into the performance of their system-wide application infrastructures—driving optimal configurations, the highest levels of utilization and peak performance

Virtual Instruments

San Jose, CA

John Gentry, Vice President of Marketing and Alliances

Virtual Instruments delivers unparalleled value to customers through a combination of innovative technology and high-value services