VeriStor: Holistic Solutions for the Entire Infrastructure

Ashby Lincoln, CEO and President, Steve Bishop,CTO
Every executive shares a common vision: to achieve utmost agility and efficiency in their businesses. This vision can be brought to life through the power of IT. Being a fuel to enhance productivity, IT solutions and services including Virtualization, Data Storage, Cloud Services (Public, Private, and Hybrid Cloud), and Data Migration, can efficiently optimize every corner of the business infrastructure, delivering the agility, productivity and efficiency that drives business value. Today, there are many who deliver these IT services but only few guarantee their absolute implementation, assured results, and precise optimization. Duluth, GA headquartered VeriStor Systems is one such name that stands out above the rest.

VeriStor was established in 2001 by a team of data storage industry veterans seeking a new way to address the storage and virtual infrastructure requirements of today’s IT enterprises. Over 700 companies, from SMB to Fortune 500s, have engaged VeriStor as a trusted partner and advisor for the growth and expansion of their existing infrastructure. Delineating on the secret sauce behind the exponential success of the company, its Co-Founder, CEO and President, Ashby Lincoln says, “We strive to empower our people to be the best at what they do and to always work towards what is in the best interest of the customer.” Before VeriStor, two of the company’s co-founders, Ashby Lincoln and Steve Bishop, had started another venture-backed storage service provider firm where they gathered the fruitful knowledge of sourcing, integrating and operating mission critical infrastructure, and learned the art of choosing exceptional vendors and partners.

Over the course of the past 14 years, VeriStor, while maintaining a strong focus on Storage, has extended its expertise to Compute,Network, Security, Mobile, and Management for Advanced Operations. Recently, various organizations have developed a keen interest in Public Cloud Services to augment (or replace) their ‘traditional’ on-premise infrastructure footprints.
To this end VeriStor has developed a portfolio of Managed Cloud Services to support a wide variety of requirements, including: Disaster Recovery, Archiving and Data Protection for both Development and Production Workloads. VeriStor also delivers integration services around Amazon Web Services (AWS), VMware vCloud Air, HP Helion, and Microsoft Azure. Most agree that for the majority of enterprise and mid-market organizations, IT will remain “Hybrid” for the foreseeable future. This implies that organizations will have a mix of on-premise, private-cloud and public-cloud infrastructure and applications. “Our job is to help customers on that journey that will lead to a fully-automated, service-oriented hybrid IT platform that enables the CIOs to effectively execute the role of Cloud-Broker for their organization,” says Bishop.

VeriStor has been a distinguishing factor for numerous firms including Atlanta Women’s Health Group, which is responsible for serving more than 100,000 patients, representing over 250,000 visits annually, and delivering approximately 9,000 infants each year. They turned to VeriStor for suggested solutions, when their IT staff witnessed an increase in the servers they needed to manage,which impacted the health group’s overall system performance and productivity.

VeriStor architected an efficient virtual infrastructure for the health group that resulted in increased simplicity and reliability leveraging Cloud Continuity services for data replication and recovery. As a result, Atlanta Women’s Health Group was able to achieve its goal of complete system recovery in under an hour, which includes their core medical records systems, Exchange messaging, SQL databases and Active Directory authentication services.

VeriStor is looking forward to fast-growth in a number of strategic initiatives around the company’s Cloud offerings, Automation and DevOps, Software- Defined Networking, and Security. For VeriStor, the future will be the continued evolution of the IT Solutions Provider function, delivering additional services to help customers build, broker, integrate and operate an agile, efficient and business-driven IT infrastructure.


Duluth, GA

Ashby Lincoln, CEO and President, Steve Bishop,CTO

VeriStor specializes in enterprise data storage, virtual infrastructure, public, private and hybrid cloud services, migration, and technology financing.