RackTop Systems: Data Ecosystem that Stores, Protects, and Utilizes Data

CIO VendorEric Bednash, CEO
Businesses continue to generate exponential amounts of new data over years and virtualization acts as a catalyst for this growth. As more technology in the data center becomes software defined, storage takes the center stage. However, challenges regarding data management, data protection, and skilled resources hinder organizational growth. For businesses, this could be like dealing with a humungous ball of tangled wires and not having the necessary skills or time required to untangle it. In an attempt to break free from these shackles, RackTop Systems not only offers a full stack enterprise data suite but also integrates intelligence and automation right into the storage systems. Head-quartered in the Washington DC-Baltimore Technology Corridor, RackTop Systems is a Platform Defined Storage company that develops context aware smart information systems which span both on premise and the cloud.

Today, data management becomes all the more complex as businesses continue to expand their storage capacity but tend to overlook the efficiency and management factors. Furthermore, data protection which encompasses the sphere of disaster recovery, business continuity, and data compliance calls for rigid plans to recover and trace data for keeping businesses running even in the face of a disaster. “We build data ecosystems that not only address storage capacity and performance demands, but inherently and autonomously handle data protection and management,” says Eric Bednash, CEO, RackTop Systems. RackTop helps businesses to store, protect, and utilize their data with more efficiency through storage "smart systems” that not only trounces the hindrances, but also reduces the IT burden. “We accomplish this by combining three key components: BrickStor, our high-performance onsite data storage appliance, myRack (the cloud centric management and automation framework), and our private nationwide secure cloud.”

Powered by BrickStorOS and managed by myRack, RackTop’s storage devices can be managed from a single interface, and also be accessed from anywhere in the world—a first in the world of big-iron storage management. Alongside these matrices of performance, one of the inherent features of this product suite is data protection policies which
allow customers to set parameters for the system to automatically backup and replicate important data."With BrickStor’s data protection policies, you simply point out the recovery point objective to the system by answering a few questions, and thereafter it assures the rest," explains Bednash. "Our solution delivers amazing performance today, and we’re continuing to fine-tune our products by optimizing how data is stored on disk, and designing new ways to most effectively utilize flash technology." Bednash adds. RackTop’s products benefit regulated industries such as Healthcare and Media as cost-effective and integrated data storage and cloud storage solution. RackTop also serves Government, Health, Finance, and Media sectors through embedded encryption to operate in environments where data needs to be secured at multiple levels.

We have built Data Ecosystem that not only addresses storage capacity and performance demands, but inherently and autonomously handles data protection and data management

Confident of a revolution in the storage landscape, Bednash believes, "businesses should not have to purchase additional systems and software to effectively store, protect and utilize their data. They shouldn’t have to worry about architecting and man¬aging complex business continuity architectures. These things should be an inherent part of the solution."Driving toward this vision, RackTop is bringing Smart Auto-Tuning Storage, Advanced Efficiency Data Replication, Enhanced Performance and Data Utilization Reporting, NVMe flash, and 12GB SAS across the entire product to market in 2015. "We've built a data ecosystem that can think, react, and fundamentally transform how businesses transport, protect, and utilize data in different locations and in different forms," concludes Bednash.

RackTop Systems

Fulton, MD

Eric Bednash, CEO

RackTop Systems is a Platform Defined Storage company that develops context aware smart information systems which span both on premises and the cloud