20 Most Promising Storage Companies - 2014

While new technologies are being welcomed at a quick pace across industries, one thing has not changed: IT departments are expected to use antiquated storage solutions to meet their new storage needs. We have looked at hundreds of Storage Solutions providers and shortlisted the ones that are at the forefront of tackling the real challenges.


Company Name

Company Description

Ciphertex A provider of data protection solutions for the most sensitive data of organizations worldwide
CTERA Networks A provider of a cloud storage platform for enterprises and service providers, enabling the delivery of a suite of storage applications over the infrastructure of their choice
Gridstore A provider of optimized storage solutions for windows server and hyper-v for virtual environments
IDInteract Today brands use small data to promote supply-based marketing. The Internet has changed the way consumers buy products and services. However, consumers’ behavior patterns are still poorly understood.
Infinity Storage A provider of data management solutions that enable storage networks to be more efficient, easier to manage and more esponsive to needs of the business
Nexenta A provider of Software-defined Storage solutions. The company’s flagship software-only platform, NexentaStor, delivers highperformance,ultra-scalable, cloud- and virtualization-optimized storage management
Pure Storage A provider of products and solutions that enables the broad deployment of flash in the data center
Swiftstack A provider of software-defined storage (SDS) solution to help operations teams implement and manage an easy-touse, multi-tenant highly scalable cloud storage platform
Tegile Systems A provider of new generation of enterprise storage arrays that balance performance, capacity, features and price for virtualisation, file services and database applications
Zadara Storage A provider of enterprise-class primary and secondary storage for the cloud via dedicated, flexibly deployed equipment located at AWS Direct Connect facilities and Dimension Data (formerly OpSource) data centers