Leonovus: The Ultra Leaders of Data Security

Leonovus: The Ultra Leaders of Data SecurityDaniel Willis, CTO & Co-Founder
Digital transformation and the rapid growth of data has been a prime challenge especially for organizations storing data in on-premise data centers, as they’ve had to allocate huge capital and operational budget to build and maintain these storage infrastructures. On the other hand, they are also reluctant to migrate their data to the cloud due to the perception of lack of security and loss of control over their data, which burgeons the predicament even more. CIO organizations are quickly realizing that a software-defined storage (SDS) strategy is the one to execute; proven out by the accelerating growth in SDS sales. By delivering hardened ultra-secure software-defined storage, Leonovus is at the SDS forefront of solving these data storage challenges for its clients.

Founded in 2010 Leonovus solves the data storage challenge for enterprises. The technology gives organizations the flexibility to store their data anywhere they choose, with military grade level security assured, avoiding vendor lock-in because it is hardware, software and cloud agnostic.

Uniquely Leonovus enables enterprises to utilize their existing idle storage resources, the firm extends the useable lifespan of depreciated resources and deployment savings can be in the double-digit percentages. Leonovus’ architecture is designed in such a way that it can facilitate different environments for the firm to institutionalize a simple and flexible data migration process. “We use standardized technologies and interfaces to operationalize our offering such that any organization can leverage it easily without any hassle,” says Daniel Willis the CTO and co-founder of Leonovus.

Through its solution, Leonovus can reduce disk storage requirements substantially as it can deploy data across hybrid, on-premises storage, and private and public clouds, seamlessly. Further, their solution offers an efficient way to decouple data from the infrastructure and the potential to distribute encrypted shreds of an object file into separate zones which presents a unique opportunity to improve the end-user experience, data compliance, and sovereignty across all geographic regions.

We protect data in all directions. No unauthorized person can decipher or use data protected by our patented algorithms and unique distributed storage model

Leonovus follows a unique approach to protecting its clients’ data stored in the cloud. Their enterprise data storage solution decouples and pulls enterprise data into a secure overlay plane that spans across the clients’ entire infrastructure. As a next step, the collected data is blended together and then re-distributed into discrete, encrypted fragments across a mix of on-premises, cloud, and multi-cloud storage, which creates an immutable chain of evidence. “Not only is the enterprise data subjected to up to three levels of military-grade encryption, but we also leverage blockchain technology to distribute metadata across many storage nodes, both on and off premises and in multiple clouds,” adds Willis. On the compliance side, the Leonovus system is built to support the tools required to comply with any regulatory compliance mandate such as HIPAA and GDPR.

With numerous issued and pending patents for its technology, Leonovus has developed a unique and compelling solution to address the enterprise big data security. Simultaneously, the technology also offers data storage optimization and support for regulatory compliance, which proves to be a big differentiator for Leonovus. Moving ahead, the company aims to extend its reach. Willis informs, “We have had positive traction from different industry verticals like law enforcement, financial, healthcare and government in the last 12 months and look forward to expanding our footprint.” With the potential to revolutionize this space in the near future, the firm looks all set to establish itself as the go-to-vendor for data security and software-defined storage.


Ottawa, Canada

Daniel Willis, CTO & Co-Founder

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