CyberNorth: Simplifying IT with Infrastructure Transformation

Jeremy Lombardo, President
Organizations are being offered complex traditional storage-area network solutions—requiring significant amount of time, staff, and cost—that they pass on to the customers. As enterprises consolidate systems and centralize global data, “Our focus is on modernizing storage infrastructure and minimizing the IT staff’s time dedicated to the menial operational tasks related to traditional infrastructure,” says Jeremy Lombardo, President, CyberNorth. While dealing with virtualization and cloud computing—CyberNorth has marked a disruptive presence—solely focusing on next generation infrastructures like hyper-converged infrastructure, All- Flash storage, and the infrastructure supporting virtual environments.

CyberNorth is challenging the traditional VAR model and the market, while helping customers become more efficient and productive, “Our goal is to divert organizations’ IT professionals to focus on activities that help move their business forward rather than just ‘keeping the lights on,’” reveals Lombardo. CyberNorth combines hyper-converged solutions and flash storage with predictive analytics to provide a simple, cost-effective, and high-performance architecture—enabling customers to rapidly and predictably deliver “need-based” infrastructure transformation. “This shift begins with dramatically simplifying the virtual infrastructure which is a combination of the “right” infrastructure (like all-flash storage and HCI) as well as the implementation of best practices for managing that infrastructure,” explains Lombardo.

Based on the proven fact in the IT world—‘simple is better’, “CyberNorth’s solutions have enabled organizations to dramatically simplify how they manage their data, back it up, and provide disaster recovery and business continuance,” states Lombardo. CyberNorth’s solution architects having all been IT end users at some point, spend a tremendous amount of time testing and vetting solutions— identifying pain points, needs, and goals (both short and long term) of IT professionals. Understanding the need for a simplified environment, CyberNorth’s unique blend of experts leverage hyper-converged infrastructure for providing tailored solutions by weighing the infrastructure’s strengths and weaknesses and identifying the right places to deploy HCI technology. “Not only are the “solutions” right for customers but this has also allowed CyberNorth to radically simplify environments,” states Lombardo.

Not only are the “solutions” right for customers but this has also allowed CyberNorth to radically simplify environments

Lombardo recalls a successful case study wherein, a large bio-research and genomics institution approached CyberNorth with a challenge of managing their virtual environment. The requirement was to protect all of its data without increasing headcount, while still meeting the massive growth needs of the business. At the same time, they needed to implement a new virtual desktop environment as well as provide true disaster recovery for mission-critical data—simply put, they had to “do more with less.” CyberNorth ultimately guided them to a hyper-converged solution as the perfect match. Deployment across multiple locations allowed the institution to not only meet their specific business needs (like VDI, DR), but also lower their overall IT infrastructure costs and reduce data center footprint. More importantly, they are now in a position to scale their environment and meet the needs of the business much faster and without increasing overhead.

According to Lombardo, this technology is just scratching the surface of virtualization, and there is a large opportunity for modernizing enterprise environments for backup and disaster recovery. Leveraging more than two decades of experience in the storage industry while continually looking at new disruptive technologies in the VM infrastructure space while at the same time maintaining the security aspect of the solution—“CyberNorth is laser focused on simplifying virtualized environments and proposing new solutions to enterprises that are going to radically improve their IT operations,” affirms Lombardo. “With a limited pool of IT talent available, hyper-converged solutions are becoming much more appealing, and we expect that to continue to be a major part of our business.”


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Jeremy Lombardo, President

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