euroNAS: A Complete Storage and Virtualization Solution

Tvrtko Fritz, CEO
As data generates endlessly in various forms and from myriad of sources, storage solutions evolve simultaneously to accommodate enterprises’ expectations for performance, capacity, and availability. Though server virtualization has undisputedly turned to be highly beneficial for organizations, the growing trend towards virtualized infrastructure has resulted in increasing concerns for IT departments, particularly storage administrators. With a goal to address the storage concerns, Munich, Germany based euroNAS offers state-of-the-art customized storage solutions that provide the best of both worlds—perfect Storage Operating System (OS) combined with high-end virtualization hypervisor. Founded five years ago as a provider of simple NAS software for end-users, euroNAS slowly directed its focus toward adding enterprise functionality to storage offerings. “We not only offer a product, but also guide our partners and clients in implementing the solution and hardware that can be used and tailored to their specific needs,” explains CEO of euroNAS, Tvrtko Fritz.

A next generation advanced storage operating system provider, the company’s full range of solutions include Premium Ultra R3, HA Cluster, and SAN Cluster. The Premium Ultra R3—a ‘Swiss Army Knife’ to storage, is Software-Defined Storage with enterprise functionality, whereas the HA Cluster is a premium functionality that ensures high availability and storage mirror between servers. The solution SAN Cluster is a High Availability Fibre Channel product providing storage mirror using fiber channel.

“euroNAS’ products have become smarter with the inclusion of extra enterprise functionality and today we are one of the leading Software-Defined Storage vendors,” states Fritz. Focused on offering an enterprise tool necessary for easy management and business continuity, the company is en route to introduce new, complete storage and virtualization solution (eEVOS) for easy performance and business continuity. eEVOS helps monitor virtual machines (VMs) and storage through an intuitive web-based user interface with automated email notifications and warnings. Containing all enterprise tools necessary for easy management such as built-in high-performance hypervisor, and a complete integrated setup and management, eEVOS helps to migrate running virtual machines from one node to another with zero downtime.

euroNAS products have become smarter with the inclusion of extra enterprise functionality and today we are one of the leading Software Defined Storage vendors

Additionally, by creating a cluster of two mirrored servers in real-time, the firm’s advanced technology generates continuous data replication and synchronization. “With euroNAS Enterprise Virtualization OS, customers would easily obtain native storage that is highly available, empowering them to seamlessly run virtual machines,” Fritz says.

Further, the company’s extensive feature set of products and effective communication channel to customers and partners help them develop the functionality which their customers really need. For instance, VIP Productions, a LA based motion pictures faced intricacies with the data security and performance for their storage server. To solve this impediment, the client adopted JMR Server powered by euroNAS OS and was able to achieve high performance levels in its computing processes, without compromising on security. The customer’s files were backed up by the JMR server continuously to eliminate the risk of passing sensitive hard drives around the room between editors. “The speed of the server is insane and we ran 8 computers streaming multiple camera angles all at once without any lag,” says Harold Erkins, Owner, VIP Productions.

While the company’s customized storage solutions are widely sought by various customers, euroNAS is also expanding its reach in Fibre Channel SAN Cluster; powered by euroNAS SMART SAN MIRROR (eSSM) Technology—a block based server replication.

With immense passion and dedication to solve customer challenges, euroNAS is excited about the release of eEVOS and to enable customers to build all-in-one solutions.


Munich, Germany

Tvrtko Fritz, CEO

Provider of state-of-the-art, customized storage solutions with maximum data security to help businesses grow