Cloudian: Storing and Analyzing the World’s Data

Michael Tso, CEO & Co-founder
With global data growing at a rate of almost 2.5 exabytes every day and IT budgets flat or declining, IT administrators are exploring new approaches to data storage. Tackling this challenge is Silicon Valley, CA-based Cloudian. Enterprises and service providers rely on Cloudian’s flagship smart data object storage platform, HyperStore, for seamless 100 percent S3 compatible cloud storage with the ability to start small and scale to hundreds of petabytes, to analyze data in place and at a very low cost.

Award winning Cloudian HyperStore is software-defined storage and uses standard Intel servers, or its pre-configured HyperStore appliances, to build a cost effective storage array for less than one cent per gigabyte per month. A key differentiator for HyperStore is its 100 percent S3 compatibility, making it easy to deploy full-featured cloud storage with limitless scalability and accessibility.

“Software-defined storage can mean different things depending on the vendor. To be truly meaningful, we see the future of storage as ‘Smart Data Storage’,” explains Michael Tso, CEO and Co-founder, Cloudian. “This means the platform provides three things: the first is smart operations, which means it can operate at web scale with maximum flexibility and control from a single, smart management console. Second is smart storage platform. HyperStore scales on demand, and can utilize the latest commodity hardware or the Cloudian HyperStore appliances for extreme resiliency and durability, at a very low cost. Finally, Smart Data Storage must provide smart analytic capabilities. The platform stores and analyzes the customer’s data with built-in Hadoop analytics and metadata tagging. We are shifting storage from a passive act to a business disruptor.”

IT departments gain greater control of their storage with HyperStore, and end users are armed with simple, self-service management of their data. Data can be stored and moved from on premise servers to the public cloud, and back, providing maximum density and operational efficiency, from a single management view of all data. The system will never go offline and stored data is ‘always-on.’

The future of software defined storage is ‘Smart Data Storage’: smart operations, smart storage capabilities anywhere, and smart analytic capabilities in place

Cloudian is clearly thinking differently about Storage and it is also looking at better ways to support its customers. The firm is working on Smart Support—a diagnostic client portal that helps proactively address potential problems. “Built-in Hadoop provides predictive analytics capabilities and smart support to both our customers and for own internal customer support efforts. It’s a game changer for the system to perform continuous monitoring to predict when a problem might arise and proactively self-heal,” explains Tso.

Toray, a Japanese firm that specializes in industrial products, sought to solve its storage needs by implementing a ‘Dropbox-like’ application. Using HyperStore, Toray gained a dynamic file storage and file sharing system, with full S3 compatibility.

NTT, one of Japan’s largest providers of fixed line phones, wanted to offer a backup server for customers who lost family albums in the 2011 tsunami. Cloudian provided NTT with an online, searchable database of unidentified photo albums, enabling customers to search photo backups from PCs, smart phones and tablets to collect lost photos. Millions of people were able to reclaim their valued momentos.

Cloudian’s road ahead will focus on smart data storage and continued S3 compatibility. “Our clients trust us with their data and we want to go beyond storing to providing smart operations, smart analytics and smart management for total customer satisfaction. We’re betting on the convergence of data storage and analytics and will continue our 100 percent compatibility with Amazon S3,” concludes Tso.


San Mateo, CA

Michael Tso, CEO & Co-founder

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