Nephos Technologies: Delivering Innovation for Hybrid Cloud Storage and Data Lifecycle Mangement

Michael Queenan, Co-Founder
Today, the storage landscape has evolved to a durable, precise, and intricate conglomeration of vendors and platforms. Viewing this modern backdrop, the industry is looking for noble methods to incorporate the potentials of storage developments, and utilize tools to make these developments more spontaneous and productive. Assisting these emerging technology trends is Nephos Technologies, a UK headquartered Cloud Services Broker providing consultancy, management and technology services to organizations seeking to expand, implement and optimize their cloud strategy.

In the current business world, enter¬prises are laboring strenuous efforts in an attempt to fathom the dynamics of stor¬age infrastructure. With reduced cost of running applications, rapid infrastructure deployments, simplicity and speed of management, and improved time-to-value for application and cloud deployments, Nephos Technologies provides both cloud and object storage gateways that enable organizations to store huge volumes of data on very low cost infrastructure. As a company, Nephos Technologies started out purely on cloud technologies to manage and support cloud solutions for customers. “We are working with a new wave of storage and compute solutions, helping clients to identify the strategic opportunities that new technologies can bring as well as designing and implementing these technologies. We have established ourselves as subject matter experts wihtin the object and Cloud integrated storage field with both our customers and our eco-system of partners,” explains Michael Queenan, Co- Founder at Nephos Technologies.

The company provides Cloud Feasibility Assessment services, offering recommendations to clients about the ways data could potentially be optimized or improved from an efficiency and cost perspective. Nephos Technologies is an expert at helping organizations to build solutions to solve the challenges related to data management, as well as enabling robust collaboration and enhanced workflows. The company delivers integrated end– to-end customer solutions by launching three distinctive Data Lifecycle Management offerings.

These solutions offer an abstraction layer between the data and applications reducing the need for replication, as well as enabling multiple systems to integrate across a common platform to improve business agility and efficiency.
Nephos Technologies takes a broader view and approach by helping customers design and build an eco system for storage solutions. “We have already deployed most of the new wave storage technologies in the market and have undertaken a number of global projects utilizing these technologies” asserts Queenan. Firms in these industries are facing daunting challenges around storing, securing, accessing and analyzing data due to the the growing data volumes. Nephos Technologies has experience delivering a number of new wave storage solutions to these sectors including technologies such as object storage, hyper convergence, software defined storage and local cloud storage gateways. Some of its renowned clients include Omnicom Group, WPP, TBWA amongst others. In an insightful example, TBWA was finding their cost for storage spiralling and no way to grow the environment at a predictable cost model.

Nephos Technologies came to the rescue by reducing cost of storage by 65 percent to its client as well as eliminating the needs of file back up and disaster recovery of the local sides as well.

We provide a new wave of storage solutions, looking at the full data lifecycle management to design and build an eco-system for end to end data storage

Nephos Technologies is constantly seeking innovative methods of technology development through software defined data storage. Besides offices in UK and the U.S.A, the company is planning to spread its business across Europe, Asia and Australia. “Our customer base is truly global and they are all looking into the same problems around data lifecycle management, cost and collaborating both internally and externally in a manageable way;therefore we are introducing more and more innovative technologies that look to support that goal,” concludes Queenan.

Nephos Technologies

New York, NY

Michael Queenan, Co-Founder

Nephos Technologies is an independent Cloud Services Broker; providing consultancy, management and technology services to organizations seeking to develop, implement and optimize their cloud strategy.