ISG Technology: A Full Spectrum Data Center and IT Infrastructure Partner

Miles Franz, Vice President, Professional Services
Today businesses are more dependent on their IT systems and have increased the usage of technology to be more productive, efficient and successful. However, the technology to manage critical data is becoming increasingly complex. Coupled with significant growth in the volume of data that businesses are generating and managing, the technology ecosystem requires multi-faceted subject matter expertise. ISG Technology, a Salina, KS based company helps manage, transport, access, store and secure business-critical data. “Depending on the business needs, ISG can build an on-site, hybridor cloud-based system and also provide colocation for disaster recovery,” says Miles Franz, Vice President, Professional Services, ISG Technology.

ISG provides IT Infrastructure, cloud services through its regional network of data centers, the required carrier-grade bandwidth to connect it all together and the on-going ITaaS to help customers manage their IT environment.“Our IT experts will work with clients to find the right mix of infrastructure, managed services, applications and connectivity to solve their toughest IT challenges,” asserts Franz. “We are experts at storage and disaster recovery, optimizing client’s computing environment, improving performance and QoS, and automating routine tasks,” he adds.

ISG is a full spectrum data center and IT Infrastructure partner uniquely positioned to provide complete solutions from client premises all the way to cloud, at a pace that makes sense to the clients. “Our consultative partnership is a core differentiator between us and our competition,” explains Franz. “We're not box pushers or trend followers. We provide the right solution based on business needs and project requirements. This provides customers the benefit of relying on one partner for their IT environment,” he adds.

Every day, ISG solves issues around inflexible and costly capacity silos, infrastructure sprawl, performance bottlenecks, and insufficient resources.
This frees up employees to manage innovative projects and spend less time chasing down answers or performing routine IT tasks. For instance, ISG solved disaster recovery challenges for Oklahoma City Public Schools (OKCPS) using virtualization. OKCPS had dozens of sites to network, thousands of endpoints to support, and limited IT staff to manage and maintain their sprawling environment. The district was also worried about power consumption, server sprawl, and the high travel/maintenance costs of supporting a distributed server environment.OKCPS felt a need for a technology partner with deep expertise in Business Continuity (BC) and Disaster Recovery (DR) solutions and engaged ISG Technology.“As a starting point, we worked with OKCPS’s Network Services team to perform a detailed assessment of their server, storage, and network infrastructure,” says Franz. ISG’s solution included virtualization of numerous OKCPS server workloads using VMware ESX on HP C-class Blades. Once virtualized, workloads become "portable," since virtual machines are not tied to physical hardware. The design also included a pair of EMC CLARiiON storage arrays teamed with EMC RecoverPoint for bi-directional data replication between the two data centers. Replication assures that if one data center has an outage, data loss, or disaster the other data center can assume full function. “OKCPS, eventually gained enterprise class disaster recovery, fully testable DR plan, ability to provide test reports to auditors, and reduction in power consumption and travel/maintenance,” he adds.

ISG is a full spectrum Data Center and IT Infrastructure partner uniquely positioned to provide complete solutions from client premises all the way to The Cloud

With more than three decades of experience, ISG places a premium on its enduring customer relationships and reference ability. “The attributes is only achievable through deep understanding of customer business objectives, authoritative vision of what's possible, and the relentless commitment to deliver successful solutions,” concludes Franz.

ISG Technology

Salina, KS

Miles Franz, Vice President, Professional Services

ISG Technologies offers customized solutions delivered across its system of data centers, and a comprehensive portfolio of IT infrastructure, bandwidth, and ITaaS service offerings.