IMPEX Technologies: Integrated Robust Portfolio of Enterprise Storage

Rajiv Shah, CEO and Founder
Rajiv Shah is passionate about solving complex IT problems. Driven by a “get it done” attitude, Shah believes in the core values of integrity, motivation, professionalism, and expertise to steer IMPEX Technologies, a company focused on helping enterprises transform their data centers to accommodate changing business requirements. “At IMPEX Technologies, we leverage the latest technologies to build data center solutions that deliver on our customers’ business needs and are ultimately easy for the end user to operate,” says Shah.

Headquartered in El Segundo, CA, IMPEX Technologies strengthens organizations’ IT infrastructure by delivering the skills, knowledge, and leading-edge solutions. The solutions span virtualization, cloud computing, software-defined data centers, networking, and enterprise data storage with a total commitment to exceptional service experience. From simple, efficient and unified storage to powerful, trusted, smart enterprise storage, these solutions meet the requirements for the transformation to the cloud. The company helps clients achieve this IT transformation through a powerful combination of the right experience, and long-term relationships with top-tier technology providers, including EMC, Cisco, VMware, VCE, Nutanix and F5.

IMPEX has established its core expertise in all aspects to assist organizations in achieving fast ROI. “Our technologists stay current with industry and vendor certifications, validations and direct project delivery experience.

We have best-in-class products to address security, backup and archive requirements,” claims Shah. “We also offer deep expertise in end-user computing applications.” The company’s consumer agnostic approach listening to the needs and finding the right mix of technologies improves and strengthens their clients’ business operations.

IMPEX has meticulously developed a set of world-class services tailored to the needs of its diverse client base.
The company’s clientele include many government IT organizations, healthcare agencies, transportation agencies, airports and ports, and major public universities. For instance, California State University, Long Beach’s (CSULB) IT Department faced a backlog of requests for services that could not be met with their aging hardware. They needed to find an immediate solution to address this critical issue. IMPEX Technologies partnered with the IT Department at CSULB to identify the challenges. The IMPEX team brought in Nutanix, a leading provider of converged infrastructure solutions, and together built a custom solution to combine the traditionally separate computer and storage tiers into single appliances, managed by an intelligent distributed management and file system. The virtualization layer was directly integrated into the appliances, utilizing VMware vSphere, meaning any VMware-compatible virtualized workload could be imported and hosted seamlessly on the Nutanix system and managed through standard VMware administrator tools. This major operating systems upgrade was performed during production hours in less than 2 hours with no disruption to the CSULB users. IMPEX arranged an onsite Proof-of-Concept of the new solution at CSULB, allowing the IT team to directly experience usability and system management.

We are focused on helping enterprise IT organizations transform their data centers and accelerate their journey to the cloud by accommodating the changing business requirements

IMPEX aims to continue in keeping ahead of the trends and bring solutions that can add true value to the industry. “Looking forward, we believe the cloud and other transformational technologies such as flash, web scale IT, Hadoop, and consumption-based billing for IT capacity will allow organizations of all sizes to become more flexible, creative and effective at managing their business. We continuously evaluate emerging technologies to identify relevant leading-edge solutions for our clients’ business needs,” concludes Shah.

IMPEX Technologies

El Segundo, CA

Rajiv Shah, CEO and Founder

A provider of a wide range of enterprise storage solutions.