Data Deposit Box: Actualizing Data Protection for SMBs

Troy Cheeseman, President and COO
The true challenge of cloud backup is figuring out how to effectively and affordably protect the immense amount of data being created by millions of small businesses each and every single day. Moreover, Small and Medium business are always robbed of the level of protection for their irreplaceable digital assets that large enterprises often enjoy; the cost and the complexity involved in implementing the solution to blame. In addition, with the industry having witnessed a sea of change over the years, there are inadequacies with regards to the speed and scale at which solutions are delivered.

One company has profoundly answered to all of these challenges by offering SMBs a reliable cloud solution which enables them to secure, share and access information from any location at any time.

Founded by Tim Jewell in 2002, Data Deposit Box offers the ideal cloud backup solution for SMBs enabling them to continuously protect large amounts of data in a very simple, cost effective and secure manner. The Toronto, ON, headquartered company through their proprietary and patented technology, offers protection through quick identification of fresh actions that have occurred and automatically backs up that data. The function involves an extensive search of the most common folders and files on the computer and then an instant action follows which sends all the new and updated files to the firm’s SSAE16 certified cloud data centers. Additionally through Hybrid backup, users are also benefitted in retaining both the local and cloud copies of their data as a secondary layer of protection and can avail quicker re¬stores at the time of an emergency. All these benefits come with a very minimal time invested from the IT service provider and SMB owners end.

One of the main differentiators of the firm is its unconstrained solutions set. Data Deposit Box offers three different backup clients for Desktop Computers (PCs & MACs), Mobile (IOS & Android) and SMB servers. DDB’s solutions offer native continuous data protection and open file backups along with backups for Exchange, SQL, SharePoint, Hyper-V, VMWARE, QuickBooks, and also facilitates agentless backups for servers and DBs. A popular product among the SMBs, the DDB backup for server is offered at a low fixed cost and is highly scalable in nature.
Storage Strategies NOW, an industry analyst firm needed to ensure that their documents were backed up at all times in case of computer failure. SSG-NOW was also looking for a solution that would provide versioning as a key feature on the backdrop of continual reporting and documentation. With the Data Deposit Box backup solution the firm availed automatic protection backed up to the cloud. Data Deposit Box’s Continuous Data Protection solution automated email updates, pre-informed users of any backup issues and immediately prevented users from losing files and also prevented accidental deletion of files by archiving them.

At DDB we pride ourselves and making our services follow 99.9% uptime so that your data will be there when its needed and that it restorable

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According to Troy Cheeseman, President & COO, Data Deposit Box focuses on becoming the premier B2B provider for small business service providers in the future; “Our complete reliable and secure product offerings with its low touch, simple management view, combined with our patented technologies and our ability to provide complete branding has uniquely positioned our company as a premier B2B cloud backup and recovery service provider.” Mr. Cheeseman confirms that the road map includes a device agnostic SMB product allowing IT service providers to make local backup changes from one central console applying the change, update or modification to the remote client.

Data Deposit Box

Toronto, ON

Troy Cheeseman, President and COO

Data Deposit Box offers cloud backup solutions for SMBs looking to protect their digital assets at low cost